Sunstone Press has Atwill's new novel, THE OYSTER SHELL DRIVEWAY, in production and scheduled to be published later this year. They also have the manuscripts for BRUSHES WITH OBSESSION, a new collection of stories and DOUGLAS ATWILL PAINTINGS, a book about his recent paintings and commentary on each one.

Atwill has another finished manuscript for a novel, titled DINNER IN THE LABYRINTH, that is being considered for publication. It is the story of a large Santa Fe family of writers and artists who experience many misadventures in love and life. Atwill is also working on another book, FIFTY-FOUR HOUSES. It is a memoir about the houses that Atwill has owned, refurbished or designed and built from scratch, with drawings and photographs of each. Another collection of short stories is underway, so far amounting to eight stories

Please call Atwill directly at 505-983-2852 if you want to purchase a signed book from him. They will be available at no charge above the retail price, shipping extra.